• Corporate Social Responsibility.

  • Mono Light AB is owned by Midaq Indoor AB.

    In the Group, we work closely with our suppliers regarding the domestic and international laws that exist regarding human rights, the environment and product requirements. In this way, it is ensured that our products are produced healthy, environmentally, friendly and safe. It complies with the UN conventions on human rights and the conventions on child labor and discrimination against women. We also follow the UN's specialized agency, the ILO, where the basic rules regarding labor law are located.


    The Group's companies with responsibility for manufacturing have been a member of BSCI since 2013. A European cooperation initiative for companies that want to improve working conditions globally. Together, the members can influence the work environment for the employees of the member companies. More info about BSCI can be found on www.amfori.org. 
    We are always up to date on the laws that apply to the sale of electrical products in Sweden and Europe. 

    REACH, RoHs and PoP's are directives and regulations we follow.

    REACH – EU regulation that applies to all items imported into the EU. Designed to improve the protection of humans and the environment against chemical substances

    RoHs – Aims to reduce the risks to human health and its environment by replacing and limiting hazardous chemical substances in electrical and electronic equipment.

    PoP's – EU regulation that prohibits or restricts the use of persistent organic pollutants in chemical products and articles.                                          

    Of course, the national legislation regarding rules on chemicals in the Environmental Code and the Swedish Chemicals Agency's regulations are followed. www.kemikalieinspektionen.se. 
    The manufacturing company continuously requests documents from suppliers that can prove that the environmental requirements that exist for the product are followed.
    Regarding producer responsibility for the recycling of packaging. The Group's companies are members of FTI Sweden and Interseroh in Germany. Regarding recycling of electrical items, the company is a member of El kretsen in Sweden, Norsirk in Norway, Take-e-way in Germany.

    Close cooperation with our suppliers.
    We work closely with our suppliers and believe in long-term cooperation.  Supplier follow-ups are made annually to make sure, that legal requirements and regulations are followed.